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Annual financial statements

The annual financial statements set out below have been prepared under the supervision of the financial director, Mr AZ Khumalo CA (SA). The annual financial statements have been audited by Ernst & Young Inc.

Available files:

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Annual financial statements

Annual financial statements open
Approval of annual financial statements and company secretary’s confirmation open
Report of the audit and risk committee open
Independent auditor’s report open
Directors’ report open
Accounting policies open
Financial statements and notes open
Statement of financial position open
Statement of comprehensive income open
Statement of changes in equity open
Statement of cash flows open
Notes to the annual financial statements open
Annexure 1 – analysis of financial instruments open
Annexure 2 – interest in associates and joint ventures open
Annexure 3 – subsidiaries open
Annexure 4 – related party transactions open
Annexure 5 – analysis of share options and share incentive plan open
Annexure 6 – segmental analysis open